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Keynote Speaking
By Cyndi Gave

The Metiss Group President Cyndi Gave regularly speaks to audiences small and large. Ranging from CEO peer group discussions to large venue keynote speeches, Cyndi shares her expertise on how organizations can move their people to become leaders and members of thriving teams that create exceptional organizations.

Inspire Greatness In Your Team

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Cyndi uses her decades of experience in aligning talent mangement strategies to business objectives to show you how your organization can cultivate innovative leaders and cohesive teams.  She covers topics such as:

How Well Would Your Team Compete In A Business Olympics?

Most leaders will respond favorably when asked how strong their team is, but when taken through a process to evaluate each member of the team one at a time, it becomes apparent each has opportunities to improve.  In this fast-paced, interactive session, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, plot them on a 4 quadrant model, and based on the quadrant in which they are plotted, learn the leadership techniques needed to accelerate performance of each individual.

I Hired Workers but Human Beings Showed Up

In this fast-paced, interactive session you'll learn processes and techniques to accelerate the performance of your direct reports.

These empowerment approaches and models for applying key proven talent leadership practices will help you discover what your team has been capable of delivering all along. You'll receive specific techniques for employee performance improvement, development and succession.


Ready, Aim, Hire: A Proven Process For Hiring Success

In this fast-paced, interactive session you'll learn selection processes and techniques to improve the likelihood of hiring GREAT performers and understanding how new hires can work better with you and your team.


During the session, you will be challenged with hiring a top executive for your company. You'll be shown how to define what you need, screen for it and objectively evaluate qualified candidates.


We will interactively demonstrate proven techniques for determining the best hire, including:

  • specific job definition

  • candidate selection criteria

  • behavior-based candidate screening

  • candidate comparison analysis

The Future Is Now: Ensure Your Next In Line Is Top-Of-The-Line

In this session we’ll explore why so many Top Dogs are experiencing leadership fatigue and what the exciting options can be for those leaders who want to have some connection to the company in the future, but in a different capacity.  We’ll also look at planned succession for your executive team members who may be aging out or who may have maxed out their ability to contribute at that level — how to allow them to leave gracefully, or find a more appropriate role in the business and how to prepare their replacements for success.  And, while no one really wants to think about it, we’ll help you prepare for that potential unexpected loss of a key performer who you really can’t afford to lose.

Hear What CEOs Say About Cyndi Gave


"Cyndi Gave packed the room and received some of the highest scores we’ve seen. Cyndi’s knowledge and enthusiasm resonated with our constituents and we continue to receive positive feedback on her sessions. Based on the feedback we received, Cyndi has agreed to be key speaker at our upcoming Executive Leadership Summit."

- Steve Carey, Executive Director of NTEA

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