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Client Testimonials

Our Clients Say Best...

Our clients are our raving fans. Read about the successes we have found in placing the right people and seeing them become keys to success in their organizations.


My company was at a crossroads. We were growing rapidly and not making the right hires. We needed to secure new employees with new skill sets. I was fortunate to receive a recommendation from a consultant to contact The Metiss Group. It’s one of the best and most important things I’ve done for my company.

Cyndi and John Gave quickly gained a keen understanding of how we do business and then brought their expertise to the table to help us move toward greater success.

The Metiss Group serves us with industry leading talent assessment tools to ensure we hire the right person for the right position, but far beyond that they present a holistic strategy to hiring and retaining our employees. Among their critical services are the debrief sessions with keen insights as to what a new hire brings to us, their individual learning style and their strengths and weaknesses.

We’ve learned so much and benefited in numerous ways from working with The Metiss Group. 

In general, The Metiss Group gives all of us high level coaching. Even our colleagues who were expecting a ‘root canal’ come out excited and super engaged after working with Cyndi and John and their team of experts.

At the end of the day, literally, they make us feel good about what we’ve accomplished. They fully relate to our business, our employees, our culture and our goals. They feel like family whom we’ve known for years and that’s a rare and valuable thing in the professional business world.

Debbie Culeton


Founded in 1895, Clemens Food Group is a sixth-generation, family-owned vertically coordinated pork production operation, with sister organizations that include feed milling, farming, processing, transportation, and logistics.

Driven by a continuous desire to improve talent and the culture within all levels of the company, Clemens senior leadership brought in Cyndi and John Gave of The Metiss Group, to assist the fast growing company over a decade ago. They helped train the Leadership Team on creating job definitions and an assessment process for hiring. These processes helped significantly as the company more than doubled in size to over 5,000 employees in the years that ensued.

“Their knowledge of behavior science and getting the right people while preserving our culture has proved invaluable,” said Keith Stahler, Director of Talent Acquisition. “The Metiss Group has been an exceptional partner for us. “ 

Keith Stahler, Director of Talent Acquisition

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