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Are You Really Getting Your ROI From Your Leadership Investment?

Group & Personalized Versions

Do You Need Leadership Development For An Individual Or A Group?

We know that many companies can't always do larger group development. That is why The Metiss Group now offers the ability for company's to provide Group Leadership Development or have Personalized Leadership Development. This is ideal for companies who have smaller Management Teams or new Leaders who recently joined their Team. Leadership Acceleration allows companies to have all of their Leaders on the same page.  As our Leadership Development comparison charts shows, our Leadership Acceleration provides the most comprehensive training available for companies. Put our over 28 years of providing talent solutions to work for your team.

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These workshops include most of the content included in the Group version but are performed virtually.  Individual Leaders are coached through the specific leadership techniques in a series of Online meetings and coaching sessions.  This personalized version is ideal for small groups and individuals (new leaders, etc.). These sessions can be arranged around the Leader's schedule.



Two onsite workshops will be strategically placed in the development process.  In these interactive workshops, specific leadership techniques are explained, explored, and rehearsed.  Each technique is intended to accelerate the performance of the direct reports of the participants and the techniques will support the development plans created by the leaders during their self discovery.

Employees Don't Quit Jobs. They Quit Bosses!

Testimonial Video
  • You can’t afford to lose the team members you have. You need better leaders.

  • With low unemployment, you can't just go out and buy the next leader.

  • You can't hire enough people.  You need to to get more out of the team you have.

  • Because the job market is so tight, top talent can pick and choose their employers – why should they tolerate weak bosses?

Our Leadership Acceleration process helps your people outpace your company growth and allows you to keep and attract good talent.


We offer Group or Personalized: Self Discovery, Interactive Workshops, and Individualized Coaching .

Leadership Acceleration Testimonial

Ailene Brown

Director, People & Culture

Howard L. Zimmerman, Architects & Engineers, DPC

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