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Set Goals For Personal Development

Successful people are outstanding performers. Outstanding performers stay on top of their game.  They are lifelong learners, committed to learning everything they can about their profession, their business, their company, their company's competitors, and life in general.  As the Chinese proverb says, “if you quit learning, you are not standing still, you are losing ground.”

The Courage To Grow

Supporting direct reports as they learn and grow is the leader’s job; learning and growing is the direct reports’ job.  When encouraging direct reports to learn, set goals.  Instead of "learning PowerPoint," how about "learn PowerPoint and prepare a staff presentation on September 1st?"  Or, "increase industry knowledge by reading the Wall Street Journal health section each day and report back at the end of the quarter those things learned."


Personal development is important and leaders who empower direct reports to set goals make the success real.


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