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Loyalty Liabilities

Every leader can tell you about the hard working, tireless group of employees that helped them start their business. The leader realizes they would not have experienced success without the contributions of these loyal workers.

Unfortunately as the business matures and changes, the people with whom they started their business are not necessarily those with whom they grow their business.  The skills required to launch a start-up are different from those needed to grow.  Even after the business has passed them by, most leaders are reluctant to displace the loyal group they started with.


A leader owes it to the organization and their loyal but underperforming employees to move along without them.  This doesn't mean their departure shouldn't be treated more favorably than others, but they do need to be moved on.


Probably the best example of this was when Bill Gates realized Microsoft had outgrown him and he replaced himself as CEO with Steve Ballmer in 2000.


Empowered leaders challenge their loyalties and are more successful leaders.


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