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It’s Okay To Be A Passive Participant In Interviews

Most leaders admit to being poor interviewers.  Interviewing is a learned skill and is something hiring managers seldom do and typically have had little or no training.


Those leaders who conduct their own interviews often miss much of the candidate’s response (verbal and non-verbal) as they prepare for their next question or process the answer to a prior question.  Also hiring managers tend to spend too much time talking and not enough listening.  Hiring managers can use an experienced interviewer to conduct interviews while they observe the candidate being interviewed.


The hiring manager learns much more watching and listening to the candidate when they are not leading the interview because they have the opportunity to use the critical thinking skills they’ve honed while processing the answers from candidates.  The leader may contribute occasionally but someone else should do the majority of the interviewing.  It’s surprising how much more hiring managers are able to evaluate a candidate when all they have to do is observe them.


Empowered hiring managers have an experienced interviewer lead their interviews and make more successful hires.


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