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Understanding And Finding
The People Who Can Take Your Company To The Next Level

We Help Companies Build Great Teams & Reduce Turnover.

Having trouble hiring the right people for team positions?


Is high turnover a big issue and costing you money?

Is replacing employees quickly important?


Hundreds of hiring managers, nationwide,  have relied on our unique Selection Accelerated Process to develop and hire effective team talent. Our process allows hiring managers to determine the behaviors of high performing team members, create a hiring avatar to compare candidates quickly and efficiently and make better hiring decisions.

DISCOVERY.  In order to help organizations find the right talent, we must first understand why someone is performing well in that role. By using a suite of behavioral assessments, we understand what makes up your high performers.

UNDERSTANDING. With the information gathered, we are able to identify patterns and consistencies in your high performers. With the data sorted, we can identify key areas to focus recruiting efforts.

SELECTION. By understanding and prioritizing behaviors, a game plan to recruit the right talent can be formed. With behavior based interview questions, a profile to measure against, and an efficient hiring process, hiring managers are able to bring high quality talent to their organizations quickly.

Accessible Workspace

What's Included With


  • Full Selection Accelerated Process

    • Current Superstar assessments (5-8)

    • Profile build out

    • Interview Guide creation

  • A la Carte Assessments

  • Profile Customization



How SelectAdvantage Works

Step 1. Assess


In this first stage, we begin by understanding the role, identifying the current superstars, and administering a multi science assessment to them. This will provide smart, understandable, and robust data as to what makes your superstars high performers.

Step 2. Understand


When we look at the data, we are able to identify patterns and consistencies in the behavioral and motivational makeup of your current superstars.  By averaging and sorting the data numerically, a preferred hierarchy will appear. This profile is the base of what a preferred candidate profile will look like.

Step 3. Customize


During analysis, we thoroughly assess the behaviors, skills, and characteristics of the suitable candidates using scientifically proven metrics like the Hartman Value Profile.  We get data on all dimensions of employee characteristics, and condense the raw data into easy-to-understand reports.

Step 4. Recruit


Armed with a candidate profile, a behavior based interview guide, and a tool to measure candidates, hiring managers are able to make hiring decisions quicker than ever before.  

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Building An Avatar FAQ

The Metiss Group offers insights into how companies can make more precise and deliberate hiring decisions without having to "wait and see".
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