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Successful Leaders Ask Questions, Don’t Give Answers.

Most leaders are hard driving, dominating problem solvers. They see a problem, kick into “fix it” mode, and solve it. That approach made them successful; but as their team grows, solving problems will ultimately restrict growth.

For an organization to grow it takes more than just the leader to be a good problem solver. Leaders must challenge their team to develop by empowering them to solve their own problems. The best way for leaders to advance their direct reports is to ask questions, NOT give answers, and challenge them to solve the problem without the leader doing it for them.

This is much harder for leaders than it sounds. It requires great restraint for the problem-solving leader NOT to solve a problem. Imagine in the heat of the moment a leader seeing what needs to be done, taking a deep breath, and asking others what they think should be done. Though difficult, this is what direct reports need to succeed and for the organization to grow.

Empowered leaders who ask questions and do NOT give answers experience more success.

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