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Strong Hires Don’t Happen By Chance

Everyone has heard the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If hiring managers believe the way they’ve hired in the past gives them as much confidence as rolling dice, why wouldn’t they do something different in hopes of increasing their odds?

Many leaders have a process to yield excellent results and prevent weak, or worse, disastrous hires. It is important to tweak the process from time to time to accommodate various needs. That may include using a search firm to source candidates who are then run through the process, adding an additional round of interviews, moving assessments up in the process, or doing a much longer phone interview before flying a candidate into town.

The bottom line is, there needs to be an evolving process – not just a particular kind of interview, or use of an assessment. A process that yields certain results and allows for adjustments is necessary. Hiring managers shouldn’t throw out an entire process, but objectively examine what seems to be working well and where it could be improved.

Empowered hiring managers make successful hiring decisions by having a process that works.


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