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Rest Easier With A Succession Plan

When leaders are asked, "What talent concern frequently keeps you up at night?" one of the most common responses is the fear of losing their superstar. No one wants their key performer to leave, but simply hoping they stay or showering them with benefits won't ease this anxiety.

Every critical position should have a succession plan. An effective plan brings peace of mind to both the leader and the incumbent. Leaders can relax knowing that if their superstar departs for any reason, they have a strategy to fill the role. This also applies to positions with underperformers, making leaders feel less trapped.

Direct reports also benefit, knowing the organization has a plan if they decide to move on. This allows them to seek growth opportunities within the organization. Conversely, feeling trapped by hearing "You are so invaluable; we could never replace you" essentially signals the end of their career progression.

An effective succession plan should include:

  1. Sources for filling the position,

  2. Job accountabilities,

  3. Job function documentation.

Empowered superstars with a succession plan in place experience greater success.


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