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Quality References Are Important When Considering Candidates

Past performance is always the best indication of how well a candidate will likely perform in a new role. Interviewing and assessing candidates provides useful insight, but If you have ever applied for an advanced area of study (or know someone who has), you know submitting references is a major step in the application process.

Hiring References

References play a significant role in the school's admittance decision. The prepared applicants have been cultivating their references well before the time of application. Much thought is given to choosing those references that will be both respected by the school and can best attest to the candidate's abilities.

The quality of references submitted by job candidates says a lot about them too. Having bosses or senior associates as references indicates a candidate who has left jobs on favorable conditions. Having quality references might indicate how well a candidate maintains their network. The best references are those who have had frequent and significant interactions with the candidate. They have had the opportunity to see the candidate's many facets and worked with them through the rough patches. Candidates with poor quality references may be a future headache.

Empowered hiring managers evaluate the quality of their candidates’ references and make successful hires.


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