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Key Talent Succession Planning

In this time of “The Great Resignation,” key talent is leaving companies at record levels. Replacing good employees is time consuming and can affect business operations. Leaders are asking, “How can I keep my key talent?”

Why Do People Leave Companies?

There is one number one reason people quit and it’s their boss. When probed further, there are 7 reasons why bosses make employees crazy.

  • Job not as expected

  • Job doesn’t fit talents and interests

  • No hope for career growth

  • Little or no feedback/coaching

  • Feel devalued and unrecognized

  • Feel overworked and stressed out

  • Lack of trust or confidence in leaders

What this tells us is that talent doesn’t quit companies. THEY QUIT BOSSES!

So what are steps company leaders can take to retain talent?

Here are recommendations The Metiss Group makes to companies who are concerned about losing key talent.

  • Develop the Boss

  • Create a Scorecard

  • Provide Feedback

  • Conduct One-On-Ones

  • Provide Employee Development

  • Have a Succession Plan for ALL Key Team Members

Successful companies develop their Leadership and their Key Talent.


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