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Effective Leadership is Tailor Made

Parents know it. School teachers know it. Sports coaches know it. Each of us responds differently to various types of mentoring and leadership. One child may need more nurturing while another responds to firm boundaries. Some students learn best by reading while others learn best by writing. Some athletes perform better when individually challenged while others excel in team situations.

Successful leaders, parents, school teachers, coaches, and business managers learn how those they are leading are best inspired and customize their leadership approaches accordingly. Often leaders are too concerned about being fair and focus on applying the same leadership practices with each direct report. Treating team members differently does not mean a leader is showing favoritism. In fact, treating everyone similarly could be perceived as unfair.

Empowered leaders understand each of their direct reports’ motivations and needs, apply a leadership approach tailored to those needs, and reap the benefits of a more successful team.

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