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Effective Leaders Are Challenged By Their Team

We are naturally attracted to people who agree with us and confirm what we already believe. It makes us feel better and less stressed. However, disagreement, not consensus, leads to better decisions. Unfortunately, few leaders are comfortable seeking out differing opinions.

People with different behavior styles approach problems and offer solutions from different perspectives. The forceful, aggressive team members will give strong, no-nonsense answers. The fun loving, high-energy team members will offer optimistic, conflict free approaches. Easy going, steady team members like logical and empathetic solutions. And the rigid, compliant types prefer analytical, data driven options.

Leaders should first take time to evaluate how their team typically solves problems and use some psychometric assessments for additional insight. Once they understand everyone’s strengths and approaches, they should encourage the team to challenge them from those different perspectives. Once given permission and inspiration to contribute using new solutions in this way, the team will naturally make better decisions.

Leaders who empower their team to challenge their positions by using their strengths experience more success.


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