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Don't Let Travel Schedules Preempt Regular One-On-One Sessions

Organizations that claim, "Our employees are our greatest asset," should be doing regular one-on-one sessions with those assets. There is no better way to maximize talent "assets" than weekly one-on-ones.

When the leader or their direct reports travel, the tendency might be to skip the one-on-one sessions. Don't do it; conduct the sessions by phone or video meeting instead. It is important for the one-on-one meeting rhythm to be maintained. One-on-ones sessions build relationships and trust. Productive relationships and enduring trust stem from predictability. Rescheduling one-on-one sessions because either the leader or direct reports are not in the office disrupts this crucial rhythm.

This applies to working remotely too. Whether it is the leader or direct report who is working out of the office, maintaining a consistent, predictable rhythm to communications keeps the empowered momentum going. The purpose of one-on-ones has always been centered on the needs of the direct report. Communication needs increase when either is out of the office.

Leaders who empower direct reports to maintain one-on-one meeting rhythms even when out of the office experience continued success.

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