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Delegate For Development

When leaders are asked how things are going, many will answer with something about how busy they are – just not enough hours in the day, can’t get anything done, running around like crazy, etc., etc.

Employee Delegation

So why not create a strategic talent plan to align and support the overall strategic plan?

Perhaps the simplest way for a leader to motivate, empower, and free up time is for them to ask their direct report: “What three things could I be delegating to you?”

After agreeing what can be delegated, the leader should lay out a development plan to prepare for that delegation. The development objectives should roll right into the quarterly expectations and performance measures.

This may not feel comfortable for the leader who believes "no one can do this better than I" but the leaders must remember that to get to where they are today, someone sometime gave them a break and trusted their abilities.

Leaders who empower direct reports with increased delegation have more success.


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