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Define The Successful Habits For An Organization

Navy SEAL combat veteran Brent Gleeson is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Internet Marketing Inc. His leadership approach is inspired by the unrivaled Navy SEAL training and the Navy SEAL Creed.  Here are the seven habits (likely an extension of, but not a replacement for, Core Values) Navy SEALs have for success:

  1. Be loyal. Loyalty is about leading by example, providing your team unconditional support, and never throwing a team member under the bus.

  2. Put others before yourself. Get up every day and ask yourself what you will do to add value to your team, such as simply offering your assistance with a project.

  3. Be reflective. Reflecting on your mistakes ensures you never repeat them.

  4. Be obsessively organized. Some of us innately have this ability, often to a fault, and some have to work at it a bit more.

  5. Assume you don’t know enough. Any effective team member understands that training is never complete. 

  6. Be detail-oriented. Attention to detail could avoid catastrophic results. 

  7. Never get comfortable. Always push yourself outside of your comfort zone.


It’s unlikely these would all apply to every team, but effective leaders define the habits required for success in their organization.


Empowered leaders take time to define the important habits for their organization and their teams experience more success.


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