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Leadership Development

Employee growth and development are key to an organizations traction. Great leaders grow their people faster than they grow their department. Our processes can help you narrow the gap.

Leadership Development Designed To Last

  • The Metiss Group’s Leadership Development Training processes are designed to make a lasting impact and provide stickiness to the learning.

  • Our services are designed to help organizations grow future leaders executives and provide business coaching for high potential employees.

  • Our leadership development process ensures your company’s growth does not outpace the growth of your leaders.

Why Us
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How Our Leadership Development Process Works


Our Leadership Acceleration journey begins with giving the leader an opportunity to explore their existing leadership strengths, competencies, and opportunities for growth.  Each leader is different, so they need to fully appreciate their strengths which they often take for granted, and at least one area for which a Development Goal can be identified and a plan determined.

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Two workshops will be strategically placed in the development process.  In these interactive workshops, specific leadership techniques are explained, explored, and rehearsed.  Each technique is intended to accelerate the performance of the direct reports of the participants and the techniques will support the development plans created by the leaders during their self discovery.



Because we all know a training session alone isn’t sticky, time is specifically allocated between workshops and coaching for the leaders to apply their learnings, determine what worked well, what might need refining, and gather feedback from those who observed their attempts at improved techniques.  The iterative nature of the discovery, learning, coaching, and application is designed to ensure lasting and continued improvement.

"The Metiss Group has helped create nothing short of an evolution in my company. Our literal bottom line says it all: in five years, we quadrupled revenue and are now enjoying major growth for the foreseeable future."


Darton C.


Dart Appraisal

Get Started
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The Metiss Group offers insights into how companies can implement a leadership training and development program that is truly effective.

Our Leadership Development & Coaching Services Include:

  • Full Workshops

  • One-on-one Coaching

  • Team Evaluations

  • Accountability Matrices



  • Custom Coaching

  • Coaching Reports

  • Practice Worksheets

  • Digital Presentation


Grow your team at the same pace as your business with Leadership Acceleration

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