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What Happens When You
Combine An EOS® Implementer With The Metiss Group?


Everybody Wins! Especially Your Client.

The Alternative Executive Search Process by The Metiss Group helps you and your client discover and hire the Integrator™ that is perfect for their business. Our Integrator™ Selection and Onboarding Services are the BEST in the industry. The real advantage of the triangulation of a business and talent consultant is the increased success they bring to the client.  As their Implementer, you know the direction and talent the client needs. The Behavior Experts At Work can help you find the perfect candidate to accomplish the work you've planned.


EOS logo used with permission from EOS Worldwide

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We guarantee if your client uses our hiring and coaching processes, the hire they make will be successful one year from hire date or we will provide selection services for the replacement at no charge.

Why Us
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Why Use The Metiss Group?

We understand the importance of the Integrator ™ because our company utilizes the EOS® operations system.

Our process helps you and your client understand what you need your Integrator™ to do, and we use the Visionary’s and Integrator's Job Scorecards to delineate responsibilities between the Integrator and Visionary.

The Selection Process involves a series of assessments, ranging from multi-science surveys to phone and in-person interviews to understand candidates on multiple dimensions.

After collecting hundreds or thousands of data points we guide you and your client  through our findings and make our recommendations through comprehensive reports, with the people track in mind.

Ask About Our Incentive Program For EOS® Implementers.

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